February 06, 2010

Why do i write?

  • I wonder sometimes sitting in my apartment and looking out of the window or sometimes walking across the yard and try to answer this question that keeps me pondering and I sometimes even ask myself if I’m the one who actually writes what I write? When I read something I had written about six months ago I am astonished and amazed at the beautiful words that have been written by me. Sometimes I just can’t believe if I have actually written all the things that I have written. Then I think of myself as the writer I’ve become and come back to realization and this question replaces the other one.
  • Why do I write? I write because I have to. I write because I was born to.
  • I write because I dream, I feel and I realize that this is one thing I’ll have forever along with my solitude. I write because I can express myself best this way. I write to feel the pain that I have held inside me for eternity up until now. I write because I know of nothing else in this wild world that gives me more pleasure than reading a beautiful story I’ve written. I write because it makes me feel proud of the gift that I’m born with. I write to relive my memories. I write because I live in the past that I never want to forget. I write for faith, I write for love and I write to give pleasure to others. I write because I feel the love within myself. I write to awaken myself of nightmares and I write to feed my imagination. I write because I don’t have anyone else to talk to. I write because I have always loved my company more than any one else’s. I write to restore light to the darkness inside our compelled brains. I write to unleash the force that keeps us holding back. I write because I want to jump out of the window sometimes and fall of f the ladder, yet I have no one to listen to me. I write because I hope for a better tomorrow but I know that tomorrow will be what today is. I write to feel the pain of my loved ones and I write to describe their joy and their feelings. I write because I want the world to write with me. I write to make all my dreams become reality. I write to rewrite my past and make it look different. I write to win what I have lost in my life and I write to become a hero, in my real life that I can’t.
  • I write because I feel the music in my writing. I write because I feel this is one thing that can bring me closer to my soul and this is the only thing that I have to fulfill my unimaginable wishes. I write sometimes to think of what I was and what I have become. Then again I write sometimes knowing what I am and where I wanted to go. I write because I know somewhere out there, exists someone who would be a reader of sorts who would in all probability ventures out his wilderness to read what I have written. I write because I’m sacred, haunted by my past that will come to get me in the future. I write sometimes to shock myself. I write in despair I write in hope and I write sometimes to feel what it feels of a life that is endless. I write to imagine what it feels to live without writing. I write to succumb to a painful amount of love that I knew I couldn’t take. I write to come to terms with my belief that has never left me. I write to cherish a treasure of different sorts. I write to find my way back into this world, this world of my own. I write to realize what I have lost. I write to know what I have gained and I write to make sure that I don’t lose anymore. I write because I feel like crying and pouring out all on this piece of paper. I write because I know I can’t do this anymore and sometimes I still wonder why I write. I write because I have no reason to, yet I write.
    I write because I have to. I write because I was born to.

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