February 03, 2010

Free Writing 2 - Outside the Window

  • Otherwise a very hectic Monday and really tiring day at work I was thinking of unwinding before I left all my problems at work. Melancholy Monday is better described than a manic one. Sometimes I lose track of this time and think of so many things and I really want that experience to give me joy on an otherwise heavy day to start off my week. Viola, Mr. Thomas Edison’s light bulb and I decided to gaze across the star-studded view outside my office on an extended shift post 7:30 PM. I thought of free writing and here I am writing about something that is at present giving me a lot of solace. Airplanes in the sky, huge towers and little gateways of lights making my view from the enormous window right in front of my desk is really amazing. Gives me the feeling of real ecstasy. Feels like growing wings and taking a tour right across the window. Yes this is something I want to write. Sometimes I wonder there are so many things in life that trouble you.

  • On a troubled day as such how do we find respite? There are so many things that can actually be your savior. Something as beautiful as the view outside my office never was an eye catcher until today. Only because Renu gave us this assignment that I thought of really paying attention to the fine details of the view, a breathtaking one I must admit. Something that is so serene and joyous that makes me forget about my worries. Something like this if it becomes the focal point of yours for even a few minutes really refreshes your mind and as I watch the cars whizz across the signal, hawkers selling gas balloons, candy floss, youngsters finishing endless number of rounds of an interview probably waiting anxiously for their results which they won’t know until they haven’t had a sleepless night, people waiting to get on to a bus to head towards their homes after a tiring day of work and the taxi drivers smoking bidi’s down below and waiting for their fares I get a sense of observation that gives me a broader perspective of people who face deeper and bigger issues that they have to deal with.

  • I look at so many lights across the window on towers which are constructed within a span of six to seven months in this rush of the concrete jungle that is engulfing the entire city and rapidly spreading like wildfire. I wonder sometimes where we will end up being in this jungle town of ours. I only hope that this peaceful silence that is about to begin with my journey back home never ends as I shield myself inside a soundproof window pane on looking the troubled and disdained people who, to make their living without knowing what they have in store for them…

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