February 06, 2010

Restaurant Review - Firangi Paani

  • 9:00 PM on a Wednesday night, my colleagues planned to go to ‘Firangi Paani.’

  • We left behind our midweek blues and were all set for revelry of sorts. Firangi Paani is a lounge bar at the top floor of Kstar Mall. It is near Diamond Garden in Chembur, opposite to ‘The Barista.’ On ‘Wednesday - Ladies Night,’ Firangi Paani offers complimentary drinks before 9:45 PM to girls, and a ‘buy one get one free,’ for stags. We stepped in and the place is a buzz with, ‘Cindy Lauper, Bon Jovi and Queen. The leather upholstered seats, and tall bar-stools added to the retro feel. The bar is decorated with wine glasses hanging upside down. The bartenders juggle in rhythm as they poured our favorite cocktails. The walls brizzle with intense graffiti, British Shields, and Swords a sculpture of a Jazz artist on the Sax, and of the great comedians, ‘Laurel and Hardy.’ On the big screen TV. screen a cricket match played silently.

  • “Vodka with orange juice. I want to try orange instead of Sprite,” said Neha

  • “Me too,” said Sandy

  • Raj, Darshana and I ordered beer while we listened to music.

  • “On a Saturday Night you will find the hottest guys and gals of Chembur out to party!” said  Jeetu, who was in his elements while dancing to the retro numbers.

  • “The Paneer Chilly is delicious,” Sandy, the foodie munched on the starter.

  • We had ordered more starters: Chicken Frankie and Veg Rolls. For main course we ordered Veg and Chicken Schezwan Rice. The food is splendor and it does sink in to your taste buds.

  • It cost us Rs 1000 per head with the drinks.

  • This place is a haven for retro music and pub atomosphere lovers. Theyhave live bands play here sometimes. That does not happen elsewhere. Firangi Paani is an ideal spot for those who want to hang out with friends over the weekend.

  • Firangi Paani – 3rd Level, Kstar Mall, Opposite Diamond Garden, Chembur (E)

  • Tel: 02225208704/05/06/09

  • *Currently under renovation.

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