February 06, 2010

I'll Tell you why

In reply to Amberlee Watson's 'Why?''

  • Why is my name always floating in your head?

  • You are in love with me, that's why!

  • Why do you dream about the possibilities of the future ahead?

  • Because it's a dream that will come true, that's why!

  • Why do you wait? Why do you dream?

  • Why do you bother with this sort a thing?

  • Why will you make this possible?

  • Why will you work hard for something that may not be possible?

  • Cause you know it's worth it, that's why!

  • Why is my name always on your lips?

  • Why do I live in your heart and make it beat fast?

  • Cause you know I'm the only one, that's why!

  • Why do you cry within and smile from the outside?

  • Cause when I meet you never will have to cry, that's why?

  • When will God let your happiness being?

  • When will he let us meet?

  • Why does he want us to be apart for so long?

  • When will he grant the opportunity for our longing to be gone?

  • Now that's one thing, I can't tell you WHY?

  • But I know this, Why YOU? Why ME?

  • Cause that's destiny baby, that's why!

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