February 06, 2010

Thank You

  • I know it’s been long overdue.

  • I just didn’t know how time flew

  • I know now, something that should

  • Make me feel, Oh so good!

  • It’s been a long time since I’ve

  • Thought about this, but I just

  • Couldn’t think of words so few,

  • That would best describe you.

  • Sometimes you were the best,

  • Sometimes you gave us a real test

  • And most of the times I know,

  • You were better than the rest!

  • With great motivation you made

  • Me fight hard for the goals

  • Always knew I couldn’t get

  • With your help I always got

  • What I really wanted.

  • Well, now I know what to say,

  • To lord with my heart, I pray.

  • For loads of success to you,

  • Thanks a ton and May God bless you!

© Copyright 2008 Srini. All rights reserved


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