February 06, 2010

A dream come true

  • How can I say this? for I don’t know the reason,
  • Things happened to me and everything changed
  • Don’t know if it is winter, spring or autumn
  • Just know that love is all around, this season.
  • Truly, I saw my dream come true,
  • My prayers were heard, Lord o Mighty,
  • You’re the best, for the love you gave,
  • Heard me in despair and I made it through.
  • A strong feeling that I had in my mind,
  • A truth I probably knew all this while,
  • In my heart I see you every moment
  • In your heart, a true love I can find.
  • There’s a strange way that we connect,
  • Of course, it’s destiny, we both know,
  • All the incidents with us, that happened,
  • The love you gave to me, I’ll never forget.
  • I know there’s a lot of madness inside me,
  • In every breath, I feel your presence,
  • When I sleep at night I dream of you,
  • In every mirror, your beautiful face I see.
  • Imagine a life without you, oh no I cannot,
  • What will happen to my soul? I don’t know,
  • You’ve touched my heart, deep within,
  • This I say with conviction, I love you a lot.
© Copyright 2008 Srini. All rights reserved Share

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