February 05, 2010

Free Writing 8 - words

  1. Fatigue
  2. Dread
  3. Bridge
  4. Vermillion
  5. Excellence
  6. Concern
  1. Fatigue: Death is imminent I have no choice but to go on. Belief is lost; darkness is bellowing inside my brain and surrounding my nerves with fear. The fear of loss. It took a lot of courage for me to do what I did. Years of hard work put into this. I have struggled with many skirmishes. I have had a dream of winning this one event that I cherished up until today. Running 800 miles is no piece of cake. That too without a stopover is the worst challenge that I could ever imagine taking up. Now that I am here, today is the day. Forgiven are all the woes of the past, for today fatigue is just a word. I chose to live for today, for death is imminent. Today is the day worth living for, shadows of weakness entangles me so strong. They cast upon me their chains, ones that tie me down so fast that getting up is not an option. Yet I choose to fight, fight this monster inside me and I want to survive. “Survive to see the finish line, go past that mark, and feel the accomplishment that will push me to the end of glory,” I say to myself. I have no choice. Today is the day. I must go on…
  2. Dread: I feel the pain and the heat today. Misery is something I wish I would have felt forever. Dreams are something that wont leave me that easy. I have to understand what comes so easy won’t stay for long. I have many choices to make and I can’t go back on my word. I really hope that this works out but what if it doesn’t. I don’t know how to imagine a life without this dream of mine. I hope for some respite but don’t know if that would work out. I feel the breath under my wings as I struggle to fly. I imagine the sky beautiful, deep blue but I see the dark clouds every day. I despise the darkness yet I live with it in a glimmer of hope that someday it would change. I feel like I’m falling from the sky and every bone in my body would splatter once I touch the ground. I can sense the danger as each time I think of this dream of mine. But all I do is hold on to the world that I have built for myself and hope for a change… A change for better tomorrow.
  3. Bridge: I wait for her at the top. I look around and I see many more images of girls just like her. I think of her deeply and imagine how much love I had for her. I wait thinking that she would come back. I don’t know if she will ever be back. But I know for a fact that if it wasn’t for the distance, this never would have happened. I would not have let this happen. But then I think about the past and try to dream and imagine how this belief I had in love has changed. I still try to have the same belief but the mind does not let me to. I give it a thought many times and try to be optimistic but that one thing sets me back. Any thing I want is something I would get, but this is something I never got and this is the worst loss I would have had in my life. Something that I would regret losing for quite a while. But I still wait for her at the top, wait to see if she’s coming…
  4. Vermillion: I look out of the window and the sky is beautiful. Sunsets are more enjoyable than sunrise as they give me a reason to wait for. The dark night is coming but the darkness is a battle. A battle I hope to win for tomorrow my war would be won. The sunset gives me joy more than the sunrise for it brings the struggles of my life in a shade of glory. A color that preaches me to bring about some justice to life shattered without any glory. The dusk is my winner. I feel every little tincture in that sky is enchanting my life’s canvas. I hope for the night to come so that I could dream away to glory and live for a tomorrow that I know will go back into the vermillion yet again. The clouds don’t scare me anymore for this color is my glory.
  5. Excellence: Glory awaits at the end of the line. Dreams fulfilled tomorrow at your success. Nothing more satisfying than a dream come true. Nothing more sweet than the sweet joy of victory. Imagine the world without excellence. No one at the top, no winners no losers. Can’t do that. Reach out to build an image to take you to no. 1. Work hard and fight to achieve the goal that you been dreaming of. One shot and you are there. One wrong move and you are on the other end of the world hoping you’d excelled. Great victories don’t come by just like that. Excellence is mixture of real hard work and a little bit of luck, they say. I really hope that is true for that little bit of luck sometimes runs away and then what would you do?
  6. Concern: I don’t know what to do about her. I feel sorry for her but I still don’t know what to do. She has no idea what she’s done. I feel bad for her but I still hope for the best. I hope she realizes what she has done and does something to set things right. I dream for the best to happen to her, but in the end, it’s not in my hands. I hope that things work out for her and it’s not as bad as it may seem to be.
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