February 06, 2010

Manual of the warrior of light - Paulo Coelho

  • This one’s quite interesting. I’m quite enchanted by his style of writing. Paulo Coelho, a Brazilian writer, the one who gave us ‘The Alchemist.’ This one’s very much similar to ‘The Alchemist’ inspirational and a kind of a book, which you’d never get tired of reading over and over again. What more, it’s actually written as if it were a manual or a handbook. A tool that will help us to sail the ship of your life even in the rough waters.

  • The cover of the book has a comment by none other than our very own President, A.P.J Abdul Kalam. Here’s what it says, “The book that left a good impression on me is Paulo Coelho’s Manual of the Warrior of Light (Harper Collins). I enjoyed reading Paulo’s statement in the book, ‘The warrior smiles because nothing frightens him and nothing holds him. With the confidence of one who knows what he wants, he opens the door.’

  • It is truly inspiring and not at all boring. You can read it anywhere you want as it has quotes like this, which you’d absolutely relate to. Come what may, the Warrior keeps on fighting. The warrior is a metaphor for each and every individual who has a dream and thinks of achieving something in life. It includes proverbs, extracts from theTao Te Ching, the Bible, the book of Chuang Tzu, the Talmudand various other sources, and is written in the form of short philosophical passages. The book's content was first published in various Brazilian newspapers between 1993 and 1996. It was compiled in 1997, given a prologue and epilogue, and then published under its current title.

  • All in all a very good read that will keep us going, when the going gets tough in fact, will bring strength to our lives day in day out.


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