May 10, 2010

Sunaina - Chapter 1

September 1989

She was wondering what to do? The most difficult part for her was to realize what she had lost. Sunaina thought about the many times that she wanted to just give up everything and move on into the new direction that she had chosen for herself. Every time she has had the thought of giving up on her life and starting something new, she always thought of what her life would be without her daughter. Her daughter was the only thing that she cared for. Something that she cherished forever and someone who she could do almost anything for.
After years and many years of hard work and being a single parent in a city that was full of strangers, Sunaina had never felt so lonely especially because of all the pain that she had already gone through. Living alone in a country which was alien to her was easier than living at home being tortured by her past and the thoughts that haunted her life forever. She had left her country and her city with her daughter when she was 21 years old. After a life that had always felt so promising in that little town of hers, she chose to leave it all for one reason and one reason alone. She did not want her daughter to be haunted by the past that had always been a curse to her. She knew it would be difficult for both of them to live in the same town, the state or even in that country where she would have to answer endless number of questions which she did not want to answer.
She chose to take her kid and leave the past forever. A past that she did not ever want to think of. She had thought of a new life. A life that she thought would mean a lot of happiness and a lot of success for her and the only thing that she cared about the most. Little did she know that this journey would be short-lived...
May 1999
The May heat was deadly and it was a gloomy Friday that undid all her dreams till that day had dawned upon her. What was difficult was that her life earnings had been put in a home that was going to be built in a span of three years from this day. She had to survive her life with her daughter living on the edge. She had to account for every penny that she spent on little things that mattered the most especially now that she had given all her savings into a small house that she had got for her daughter and her. Life was difficult with her customers becoming scarce as her age began to become a factor for her. Certainly she did not want to think of any other options and made sure that she got the house far far away from where anyone knew.
Her daughter was getting older and she was now studying in a small school. Sunaina wanted to make sure that all the sacrifices she made had to yield some results. Some results that she thought would be fruitful enough for her daughter. her world. The times were getting tough. With her growing older, and her business going down she was left with very little options than just work at the bar. She had to make sure that she should save more or somehow make sure that she could make both ends meet. It was time enough that she stopped the atrocities that life dished out against her.
She had to make sure that life became easier for her and there was a way out to make sure that her and her daughter's life became more easy. But she did not know what to do. Not yet.. But soon she would come out with a way to make her life and her daughters easier and live life like she had never before...

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