February 05, 2010

Free Writing 6 - Around the corner - 3rd person POV

  • Samir was walking in the lane beyond the 3rd cross of Hosur. He loked around and could see the dark shadows of dogs beside the garbage bin. The dogs were lurking around the bin, trying to scavenge for leftovers. He could see the rugged men and women sleeping on the footpath, with ragged clothes and patched shawls.

  • Beneath the dimness he saw a young boy digging his teeth into half a piece of leftover corn, savoring whatever he could. Samir could feel the cold wind hit below his knees. He had got down to buy some pav for his grandmother at dawn. The bakery was just around the corner and it was around 5:00 AM on a cold winter morning. He was looking at the dogs as they were struggling scampily to dish out whatever they could find. He could also see a few vans up on the highway, which were out to deliver milk to all the people of that small town. Suddenly he sawa a black scorpio, zipping past in the crazed madness and dashed into the lamp post over the footpath. In a split second, the groggy drunk driver ran over the people who were in a deep slumber on a Sunday morning.

  • © Copyright 2009 Srini. All rights reserved


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