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February 12, 2010

Who am I? (Mee Kon?)

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  • I'm not Hindu, Im not Muslim nor do I say that I'm an Indian...

  • I'm a human being first and I empathize with all that you have written. You may be right in asking him all the questions you have asked. But simply understand when someone says love thy neighbors, they don't mean love thy criminals and terrorists in the neighborhood. Yes he or she may have preference to his or her religion, but if they were over the country, then he wouldn't have been part of Movies like Chak De... But that might be just politics of its kind and you may be right or not. But the true question is you are opposing 1 such person, but what are you doing to make a difference honestly to change the situation besides writing provocative articles in your newspaper. What are you really doing without being in power for these many years. Why??? Because the people of your state don't want you to be in power. As Anant Gadgil rightly said, addressing Uddhav and Raj 'Both of the brothers want to marry the same girl, 'Marathi manoos.' but the girl doesn't want to marry them.'

  • But then I'm an Indian and the kind, who feels proud every time he goes to watch a movie at a cinema hall and sees 'Bharatbala's' Siachen Glacier 'National Anthem;' Literally get Goosebumps every time. I'm the same human who doesn't believe in any Labels. I'm the same so called 'South Indian' who has not been born in Mumbai or Bombay as I was attached to it while I was a kid always, but lived here forever.I’m the same kind of human who writes Mumbai for hometown on Orkut, Facebook or Twitter while creating an account, cause home is where the heart is.

  • I’m the same human whos favorite play is P.L Deshpande’s ‘Ti Fulraani.’ It’s another story that it is adapted from a classic English movie. I am the same human who feels there are bigger issues of the state that he lives in that could be addressed like the farmers of Vidarbha, and their plight. I’m the same human who enjoyed dal bhati and waangyachi bhaaji in a small village of Pimpri gavli and thought of the hard labour the farmers go to get you this kind of food.

  • I'm not a Marathi even though my last name sounds like one 'Kulkarni.' I'm the same human who when meets a cop in Mumbai, at first instinct speaks in Marathi because I can 'fluently.' And probably to avoid any trouble. Only because of what 'lables' everyone has set. I’m the same human who used to struggle in his childhood to learn Marathi or write Marathi for that matter, but worked hard to write brilliant nibandhs and score a decent 65 in S.S.C at Marathi.  I’m the same human who did not know the kanaas and the matraas of Marathi but learnt it from my mom, who again was born in Aamchi Mumbai.  But some people still had problems with the likes of her and they still do. Simply because her parents were from another state and had come down from another state to simply earn a living. Im the same Human who saw Muslims cheering after India won a cricket match in the same place, and hated some of them who cheered for Pakistan in the same place. I’m the same human who has loved someone from another religion and understood and learnt their religion, while understood many things about my own religion. I’m the same human who sees these people hate everyone but themselves…

  • I’m the same human who ate with these ‘Indian’ might I stress, Muslims and lived with 4 of them in a small room. I’m still the same human who enjoys watching Zee Marathi and not Udaya TV, (Can’t relate to it) which by the way shows programmes belonging to my ‘state’ or the so called state that my parents were born in.  I still enjoy Marathi naataks and take my mom so that she enjoys her heritage.

  • And I am the same human who hates every single terrorist from the land of our neighbours for spreading the terror inside our country. I’m the same human who hates terrorist within our ‘state’ who don’t hate Muslims or Christians, but someone who isn’t like them. I’m the same human who believes that this world is and will be a beautiful place, yet, doesn’t know when it will come to an end because of hatred like this. No the country doesn’t deserve to be loved for they have terrorism within their country and hate amongst themselves and bomb blasts within their sects. No the country probably doesn’t need to be loved because of all the hate, terror, violence, bloodshed they have caused. But what about ‘humans’ who are not part of this state by birth.

  • If somebody accuses SRK of putting his religion ahead of his country on what basis do w e do that?. So my real question is to those who call Maharashtra, Maaza Rashtra. My question as a human being is… Who stops them or for that matter who will stop them when one day they decide to ‘BAN’ me from living here because I am a ‘human’ being but my roots don’t belong here.

  • What about these ‘self proclaimed Tigers’ and protesters belong to the same community who would put their ‘State,’  ‘language’ before their country? Kasli dadagiri ho tumchi?

  • I only have one question. Maybe not as important as the questions Mr. Bandopadhyay has asked  SRK nor as relevant to the comments he has made, but for the people who are protesting against #MNIK  one question..

  • Who am I? or Whom do I need to be, to live in a place where I was not born, but love it the same way than anyone else would. Who am I ‘Mumbaikar, Indian, Human or just a creature of this universe created by GOD, Bhagwaan, Allah, Dev or an omnipresent force that no one knows of yet.

  • I’m not a Hindu.. I’m not a Muslim… I’m a Human and I am an Indian and of course a Mumbaikar… Yet I  am confused…

  • Kharach, Mee kon? (Who Am I?) Ha ek chotaa sa prashna aahe? Always is…

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niceandnew said...

Sorry to be a little off track here, but I'm boiling with anger. Can anyone tell me at least one thing the Shiv Sena has done till date that has benefited ANYONE else except them? ONE?

srinistuff said...

No I guess you are not off track here.. Absolutely my point...That's why I wrote the article...

MG Hariharan said...

There seems to be some confusion. Religion is search of god. just like science is search of facts in nature. Religion by itself is not harmful you don’t have denigrate your religion in order to be normal healthy social person. Atheist is refusing to accepts facts as much as non scientific person. If your search has ended then you are a realized soul. Then you will find nothing wrong in any religion. It is the uninitiated who finds the religious discourse a waste. For SW engineers I would say “God and ghosts are null point in your brain. Saying dim Ram ;dim jesus; dim allah; let Ram = allah=jesus; will throw compiler error. Define them and you will realize all are same.

srinistuff said...

Hahaha.... Good observation :P