November 27, 2012

Cinthol Alive is Awesome – App Review

One of the things that I’ve always been very keen on and interested in working with during my tenure in the social media industry as a community evangelist has been working on application development for various clients to drive engagement towards the Facebook page and most importantly get direct access to the community and to be able to interact with them offline as well.
While there have always been various application development companies that most of the times we’ve outsourced our work to, most number of times, they have used certain custom application creators e.g. Wufoo and the types. Off late post the Facebook open graph and overall development of the ecosystem a lot of engagement has been driven through various apps… Some simple and some complex. One of the reasons having the need for the same was of course, the Facebook guidelines on contests and engagements of course. Secondly and most importantly the ability to create something of value add while giving us better opportunity to create assets ourselves.
Considering that, I thought one such application that I recently played while looking for interesting apps on the Indian Social Media ecosystem was Cinthol – Alive is Awesome.

Home Page for the Contest
Thought about giving my two cents and sharing my experience about the application and its user interface. It’s powered by SocioFi and I’ve been following them on Facebook and Twitter. Something like this in the Indian space is certainly useful especially since there’s a demand in a lot of agencies to have products of this sort and direct support for service out here, rather than depending too much on developers per se. So here’s my review.
I’ll try to give a fair bit of understanding of how easily it would fit the context and shall give a fair bit of relevance as to how it is extremely good to have an in built application builder for such applications. One of the great things about applications and contests / engagement based on these lines is the very good response it drives especially if there’s a good pull in terms of gratifications that is available to the users.

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November 23, 2012

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