January 31, 2010


  • There comes a time when all of us realize,

  • What the truth is within our heart our soul.

  • Our dreams from the reality we have to abscise,

  • Or there is no way to reach our goal.

  • There comes a time when all of us sacrifice,

  • What the world wants from us is too much.

  • Our hopes get shattered and we have no choice,

  • There is no path for our victory as such.

  • There comes a time when the world we despise,

  • What you want from life is not your destiny.

  • I know this is painful and for a while it will agonize.

  • Now is when the world will put you under scrutiny.

How many times do you feel what you see is not true? How many times does it happen to you that you want to believe what’s in front of you is true yet it turns out to be a farce? So many times you lose faith in yourself and yet you decide to jump up and fight back. That is the true spirit of the human soul. It fights all odds and fights against the will of oneself. No matter what you give it all up and go all out against all the illusion that you see. That is what life is all about…

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I Believe..

  • I have never had the chance to think about the past. The past that I liked so much. Yet I do not know why, how or where my past is going to lead me. Sometimes I keep wondering if what I did is going to haunt me more or the thought of my past creeping up to me would lead me to my doom.

  • It also has come to my attention that Karma has its way. No one can escape it. Sometimes I think it is not so difficult to escape your destiny. You have to take matters into your own hands. However, the more I think about it, the more I feel strangely betrayed. The last time I took matters in my own hands, I was bleeding… my hands cut from the knives that came scarring from my past.

  • Ever wondered how you are what you are or what you became and why you became what you are? Better yet, ever thought of the reason behind how you survived the battle? How you fought millions of others to get to the warmth inside your mother’s womb and came out after months of struggle? Maybe not, but when I do… I feel the energy within me. The energy that tells me something… What is that something? I have yet to discover…

  • For the time being I think, I am just following a strange pathway, the one that knowingly leads me to a place. A place that does not exist, yet it does in my soul in my heart, for people may not believe it. Yes it is true… it does not exist at all. For you do not believe it. Belief is something, which my imagination tells me, but I do not imagine, I believe… That is what my heart and my soul says.

  • I don’t see, for I can’t feel, I don’t feel for I can’t dream, I don’t dream for I can’t sleep. I cannot sleep when the world is awake, awake because of a turmoil, a turmoil that is about to create a distraction. For I do not know where I am going, yet I believe, yes I believe.

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  • “We do not choose our destiny, it is destiny that chooses us.”

  • There is a Hero inside of every one of us. I realised that when I was born. I did not know how long it took me to understand that there was a Hero inside of me. But when I realised it, I knew I was up for it.

  • “I walked through fire and I didn’t get burnt.” – Claire Bennet, the Cheerleader.

  • So many times, we have done that. It is just that we do not realise that we have a healing power, the power to regenerate just like Claire. Only we choose to ignore it for the pain is too much for us to handle.

  • “Save the cheerleader, Save the world.” – Hiro Nakamora to Peter Patrelli.

  • Every one of us sees a cheerleader everyday. She is falling down the steps, just like Claire. It is not that we do not have the power to save her. We only choose to ignore…

  • “How do you stop an exploding man?” Hiro

  • The real question is will it stop the explosion around us. The real question inside my heart is still something that I don’t realise, how will the power go away… Then again, there is another question… Do I want it to go away???

  • “Maybe being different isn’t the end of the world. It is just who I am.” Claire. That is why…

  • “We do not choose our destiny, it is destiny that chooses us.” We just have to embrace it...

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January 29, 2010


  • He laughed, he made fun of himself, he mocked himself, he fell, he hurt himself yet he brought a smile on other people’s faces. He was the joker.

  • He cried, he made other people cry, he showed emotions, he made other people emotional, yet other people were lost in him. He was the actor.

  • He fought, he fought hard, he took pain upon himself, he protected his country, he spent sleepless nights while others slept peacefully, he shed his blood, yet other people lived. He was the soldier.

  • He played, he gave his sweat, he struggled in the heat, he gave glory to his country, he burnt calories in the sun while others watched him play in the comfort of their homes. He was the sportsman.

  • He ploughed hard, he toiled hard, he gave food for his country, he hardly ate a square meal and drank only a few drops of water while others ate and drank merrily in their homes. He was the farmer.

  • He played the guitar, he sang the song, he stood there with his heart all out for everyone while he played the song, yet others listened to him in the comfort of their seats. He was the musician.

  • He stood for hours, he baked the cake, he made fine dishes for everyone, he cooked himself in the heat of the kitchen, yet others dined at the comfort of their tables in the restaurant. He was the chef.

  • He thought hard, he imagined what others could not, he dreamt of things others could not, he told a story while others read it in the comfort of their beds. He was the writer.

  • When the day ended, and the night became young, all of them went back from their hard day’s work. They looked back and in their hearts, they were all content while others struggled with their lives to earn the money they needed to get all that these people gave to them. They were content for they enjoyed being with their partner, their solitude…

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The Search Begins...

  • 1:3 And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.

  • “Is it true? Is there light on this earth?” I did not know the answer to my own question. They say, He took seven days to create His world. But the real question is, “Has the world been created completely yet.”

  • 1:4 And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.

  • Light was good, and it was divided from darkness. But the real question is, “What happens in this light, is that good and can that be divided from the darkness?”

  • 1:10 And God called the dry land Earth; and the gathering together of the waters called He Seas: and God saw that it was good.

  • God saw this creation good. He made the Earth and Water. But the real question is, “Do we still see this creation as He saw with his eyes.”

  • 2:25 And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.

  • They were naked and yet not ashamed. In today’s world, everyone is fully clothed and yet can be ashamed for thy heart is not free, free from the evil in thy mind.

  • 2:16 And the LORD God commanded the man, saying, Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat

  • He gave us freedom to eat as much as we wanted, but the real question is “Do we know the meaning of freedom?”

  • 2:17 But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.

  • We still keep doing that everyday and yet God watches patiently and tries to ignore thy mistake, but there will be a time for thy will have enough of food from the tree of knowledge, good and evil and that day shall be thy last…

  • 7:6 And Noah was six hundred years old when the flood of waters was upon the earth.

  • He sent waters down unto to wash off every sin. He will do it again until the ‘sin’ is washed off this Earth. But, the real question is “Will the water wash off the sin from our souls and cleanse our heart.”

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I'm not the only one... I'm just sitting right across the river. Thinking about those times. Times that are already gone. Times when I never had to think, times when I never had to feel a thing. I just want to be the only one. Sometimes I keep wondering where did the time go... Where did it all disappear. Someone told me that in the end it will all be back again. There won't be anyone with you, to live the life that you always wanted to. The tables are turned. The game's over. You start pushing away everything you see. You start dreaming of a world to be. One thing's still there, it's your lonlieness and it's mean't to be. Feel it with your heart, and you'll know. What your brains could have imagined several years ago. Come to think of it... You never want to go, you never want to go...

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January 28, 2010


  • Time is of the essence when dreams are not meant to be

  • Forever is not the living for lives are not sacrificed to be

  • Art is in question when humanity is not imagined to be

  • Life is part of a dream when death is not meant to be

  • Think of the time when belief is not the question to be

  • Imagine the world when reality is not the answer to be

  • Feel the space when life is not as it is meant to be

  • Find a way out when lost is not what you meant to be

Why am I lost? Where am I lost? How am I lost? To answer these questions I need to find out if I am lost? To answer these question I need to find out what lost means? To answer these questions I need to find out who is not lost? Think of the times when you feel that you are lost. What do you actually feel? What do you actually want. If you want something, that means that you are looking for something. When you are looking for something, you want to find out what you are trying to find out. That will probably give you an answer to what is lost. When you actually find out what you are looking for, you know that you are not lost. But the real question is... How do you find out what you are looking for and that you are not lost now...

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Is Love a Rebel?

  • When I think of love, I feel lost,

  • When I dream of you, I feel that,

  • I have you as my heart & my soul,

  • I know I want you at any cost.

  • I feel there's a reason for my existence,

  • With you I feel close to myself,

  • I hold you in my arms & feel your breath,

  • With your support, I would go any distance.

When I think of love as a rebel, I know it's image has been this way. Maybe since one discovered love,maybe since Adam & Eve's days. GOD forbid him to eat the apple, but he did not listen. Love is a strange root of all evil. Love is what one thinks and one feels to be. Why does a mind think of this concept when it knows that if you cross the barrier, there will be consequences awaiting,that will be of grave results? Why does love force someone to do what they have never done in their life before? Why does love give someone the power to overcome all the fear that they had? Why does love give someone a great desire to achieve all that they would not have been able to without this feeling. A feeling of great madness, a feeling of great depths, a feeling that cannot be just described by this four letter word. Love is beyond all the small things of this materialistic world. Love gives you the recognition, that you never achieved in a span of a few decades. Why does one not think of what will happen to him or her if you take a risk. The answer to all these question is just another four letter word 'FREE' When you are in love, you feel free, free to do what you want,free to overwhelm your opponent with great force. Free to desire what you never dreamt of. Free to bring hope to your inner soul. Free is what we want to be...

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  • I ignore the darkness but I fall in the pit again

  • I push away the evil but I feel the pain again

  • I hope angels come to rescue me today

  • But I know the devil's waiting for me again

  • I wish I could fly away, fly through this dark sky

  • I dream of a world so beautiful up so high

  • I think of a paradise beyond this earth so dry

  • But this fear pushes me to death, when I say good bye

Fear they say exists in our heart. In our heart in our soul, fear is not just an element of our imagination. Fear is an image, an image that sends our mind into tranquility. Conquering our heart and soul, this four letter word grips us through any level of our sound thinking. Fear causes dreams to be shattered, fear causes hope to be destroyed. Fear makes you lose your belief, a belief that has a potential to take us across the boundaries of our imagination. Fear acts as an element that negates all other feelings. It is this fear that has given us a perception of what not to think of. It is this fear that has given us the darkness beyond any dreams. A darkness that has no boundaries no limits. A darkness that makes us think of what lies within our hearts. What hopes we never realized. This fear they say is a wrap of cold, cold feelings, cold dreams, without realizing what captivates us and what the future holds for us. This is the beginning of an era. An era of FEAR, where no one knows who is upto what. No one cares for what is going to happen. All they are enthralled by is FEAR. Fear has the power and power is fear. Who can fight this darkness? Who can split through this unholieness? Who can imagine of doing what others have not been able to...

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What's in a dream?

  • A dream is like a future unknown.

  • You believe in a destiny that's to be made,

  • Without imagination, you are free to see,

  • To embark in the pleasures of an emperor's throne

  • Alive I'am today, cause tomorrow's unknown.

  • Think of what you want from your heart,

  • Without any dread, feel free to see,

  • In this heart you know, that you are not alone.

When I think of a dream I realize that many times I feel a touch, a touch of my soul leaving my body, like those meandering thoughts. Flying high in the sky, thinking of what my subconscious mind has been hiding all this while. I feel that imagination is just an expression of a belief. A belief which cannot survive without my subconscious mind. A dream is my reality. A reality that sometimes, I hide from my subconscious mind. Without this reality, my self belief cannot survive. It's like someone hiding the truth. Truth itself is an illusion. A dream makes that illusion seem reality. Gives you a shining light, sheds off the darkness that you always carried. Along with your perceptions, fears and your imaginations, all the darkness that has been blinding you all this while is exposed, exposed to a white shimmering ray of light, this they call hope. Here's the ironic part though: A dream occurs to you when you close your eyes or when you are asleep. When there is darkness all around. Think about it!

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The minute you wake up you see darkness. Darkness flowing across your head. Your mind is completely blown out and you seem to run towards a desperate flow of energy. "He is one, who does not see any hope in any despair. He is one, who does not see light inside the cave of darkness." You start wondering if there is any dream that can be as bad as this, if there is any nightmare that feels so good like this. Forget the past and come unto the rising. Belive in tomorrow but release your present. Imagine a darkness without an unleashed string of a point of no return. Think of all the time without any space. A space in darkness without any purpose, a meaning of the message without a dream and without a realization of the future... Just release your fear and break the myth... One is without any understanding of what the future holds for the entire universe...

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