January 28, 2010

Is Love a Rebel?

  • When I think of love, I feel lost,

  • When I dream of you, I feel that,

  • I have you as my heart & my soul,

  • I know I want you at any cost.

  • I feel there's a reason for my existence,

  • With you I feel close to myself,

  • I hold you in my arms & feel your breath,

  • With your support, I would go any distance.

When I think of love as a rebel, I know it's image has been this way. Maybe since one discovered love,maybe since Adam & Eve's days. GOD forbid him to eat the apple, but he did not listen. Love is a strange root of all evil. Love is what one thinks and one feels to be. Why does a mind think of this concept when it knows that if you cross the barrier, there will be consequences awaiting,that will be of grave results? Why does love force someone to do what they have never done in their life before? Why does love give someone the power to overcome all the fear that they had? Why does love give someone a great desire to achieve all that they would not have been able to without this feeling. A feeling of great madness, a feeling of great depths, a feeling that cannot be just described by this four letter word. Love is beyond all the small things of this materialistic world. Love gives you the recognition, that you never achieved in a span of a few decades. Why does one not think of what will happen to him or her if you take a risk. The answer to all these question is just another four letter word 'FREE' When you are in love, you feel free, free to do what you want,free to overwhelm your opponent with great force. Free to desire what you never dreamt of. Free to bring hope to your inner soul. Free is what we want to be...

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