January 29, 2010


  • He laughed, he made fun of himself, he mocked himself, he fell, he hurt himself yet he brought a smile on other people’s faces. He was the joker.

  • He cried, he made other people cry, he showed emotions, he made other people emotional, yet other people were lost in him. He was the actor.

  • He fought, he fought hard, he took pain upon himself, he protected his country, he spent sleepless nights while others slept peacefully, he shed his blood, yet other people lived. He was the soldier.

  • He played, he gave his sweat, he struggled in the heat, he gave glory to his country, he burnt calories in the sun while others watched him play in the comfort of their homes. He was the sportsman.

  • He ploughed hard, he toiled hard, he gave food for his country, he hardly ate a square meal and drank only a few drops of water while others ate and drank merrily in their homes. He was the farmer.

  • He played the guitar, he sang the song, he stood there with his heart all out for everyone while he played the song, yet others listened to him in the comfort of their seats. He was the musician.

  • He stood for hours, he baked the cake, he made fine dishes for everyone, he cooked himself in the heat of the kitchen, yet others dined at the comfort of their tables in the restaurant. He was the chef.

  • He thought hard, he imagined what others could not, he dreamt of things others could not, he told a story while others read it in the comfort of their beds. He was the writer.

  • When the day ended, and the night became young, all of them went back from their hard day’s work. They looked back and in their hearts, they were all content while others struggled with their lives to earn the money they needed to get all that these people gave to them. They were content for they enjoyed being with their partner, their solitude…

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