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January 21, 2011

Audi A8L 3D Campaign... truly an advanced state of mind

So, I got an opportunity to attend the exclusive 3D preview and launch party of the Audi A8 L 3D campaign... Before I tell you all about the event, let me say, this is by far one of the best and truly amazing concept preview and advertising launch that I have ever seen. A revolutionary way at reaching out to your audience... Also it happened to be one of the first ever integrated 3D advertising campaign not only in India or Asia, but the world... WoW... hats off to CreativeLand Asia for pulling out such a great campaign...

CreativeLand Asia & Audi India

Having said that, the true experience that we had, was when we actually watched the 3D campaign and interacted with the Audi A8 L through their 3D website, which should be launched by tomorrow... The true experience of what an 'advanced state of mind' is was what we got to witness at PVR Juhu on that Tuesday evening...

There were a lot of members from the traditional press and we were sitting amongst them, with everyone else. Audi director Micheal Perschke spoke about his vision to ensure that they plant the seed of desire... A desire that the youth of India shall carry and a decade down the line desire to purchase one... as they would have the power to at that time. They spoke about how they want to set the tone and make sure that the brand is built and people really feel the desire rather than need to purchase this masterpiece.
The german-luxury car maker Audi India, brought Creativeland Asia as their lead Integrated agency in July 2010. The Audi A8 L. Achieved through a perfect blend of asthetics & technology, it is a car that sympoblies advancment: the ultimate achievement of the human mind...

Sajan Raj Kurup addressed all of us before taking us through the mind blowing 3D experience of the advertisment. He says " The new Audi A8 L is, quite simply put, the pinnacle of automotive luxury. So it stood to reason to turn to psychology and help position the Audi A8 L.

The Audi A8 L film shows a protagonist taking a deep relaxing breath. His pupils dilate as he sees something off screen and is suddenly swept off his feet and flung into mid air as a luxurious A8 L magically assembles around him. (Watching this in 3D is quite an experience...) It's truly an experience to watch every little detail of the car that mesmeriszes not only th protagonist but also the viewers as we get the feel of it sitting out there in the theatre. Once the car is almost celestially assembled mid air, it gains mass and drops softly on the floor. The man in the car finally breathes oout as we see the super Advance State of Mind. The new Audi A8 L... The best part about this experience is that you really can see and feel the super Advance State of Mind, so much so, it really makes you want to go and sit there inside the car.
It didn't end there, the website which will be launching soon would give you an opportunity to interact with the intrinsic details of the car in full 3D. It's the next best thing to being inside the car itself. There's also a full 3D ipad app, mobile versions of the site that is on its way as part of the campaign. In fact, Creativeland also created a direct mail inviting prospective customers to experience the car in full 3D on the web. We also got to view a custom made 3D car brochure, which they gave us along with 3D anaglyphic glasses... True work of art...
Audi India 3D Brochure
Custom made Audi Glasses
After the screening was over, the bar was open... and we all got together to talk about our experience and discuss the future of this brilliant automobile campaign... One of the best ever advertising campaigns that I have seen so far...