January 28, 2010


  • Time is of the essence when dreams are not meant to be

  • Forever is not the living for lives are not sacrificed to be

  • Art is in question when humanity is not imagined to be

  • Life is part of a dream when death is not meant to be

  • Think of the time when belief is not the question to be

  • Imagine the world when reality is not the answer to be

  • Feel the space when life is not as it is meant to be

  • Find a way out when lost is not what you meant to be

Why am I lost? Where am I lost? How am I lost? To answer these questions I need to find out if I am lost? To answer these question I need to find out what lost means? To answer these questions I need to find out who is not lost? Think of the times when you feel that you are lost. What do you actually feel? What do you actually want. If you want something, that means that you are looking for something. When you are looking for something, you want to find out what you are trying to find out. That will probably give you an answer to what is lost. When you actually find out what you are looking for, you know that you are not lost. But the real question is... How do you find out what you are looking for and that you are not lost now...

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