January 31, 2010


  • There comes a time when all of us realize,

  • What the truth is within our heart our soul.

  • Our dreams from the reality we have to abscise,

  • Or there is no way to reach our goal.

  • There comes a time when all of us sacrifice,

  • What the world wants from us is too much.

  • Our hopes get shattered and we have no choice,

  • There is no path for our victory as such.

  • There comes a time when the world we despise,

  • What you want from life is not your destiny.

  • I know this is painful and for a while it will agonize.

  • Now is when the world will put you under scrutiny.

How many times do you feel what you see is not true? How many times does it happen to you that you want to believe what’s in front of you is true yet it turns out to be a farce? So many times you lose faith in yourself and yet you decide to jump up and fight back. That is the true spirit of the human soul. It fights all odds and fights against the will of oneself. No matter what you give it all up and go all out against all the illusion that you see. That is what life is all about…

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