January 31, 2010

I Believe..

  • I have never had the chance to think about the past. The past that I liked so much. Yet I do not know why, how or where my past is going to lead me. Sometimes I keep wondering if what I did is going to haunt me more or the thought of my past creeping up to me would lead me to my doom.

  • It also has come to my attention that Karma has its way. No one can escape it. Sometimes I think it is not so difficult to escape your destiny. You have to take matters into your own hands. However, the more I think about it, the more I feel strangely betrayed. The last time I took matters in my own hands, I was bleeding… my hands cut from the knives that came scarring from my past.

  • Ever wondered how you are what you are or what you became and why you became what you are? Better yet, ever thought of the reason behind how you survived the battle? How you fought millions of others to get to the warmth inside your mother’s womb and came out after months of struggle? Maybe not, but when I do… I feel the energy within me. The energy that tells me something… What is that something? I have yet to discover…

  • For the time being I think, I am just following a strange pathway, the one that knowingly leads me to a place. A place that does not exist, yet it does in my soul in my heart, for people may not believe it. Yes it is true… it does not exist at all. For you do not believe it. Belief is something, which my imagination tells me, but I do not imagine, I believe… That is what my heart and my soul says.

  • I don’t see, for I can’t feel, I don’t feel for I can’t dream, I don’t dream for I can’t sleep. I cannot sleep when the world is awake, awake because of a turmoil, a turmoil that is about to create a distraction. For I do not know where I am going, yet I believe, yes I believe.

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