February 06, 2010

Nine on Nine - Nandita Puri

  • Interesting name for starters… I saw this book at Cosswords. What caught my eye was it’s beautiful cover page. None other than, the renowned painter, M.F. Hussain has designed it. A striking picture of a woman blessing you, a beautiful sketch definitely makes you pick up the book. Never judge a book by its cover, did you say? However, market dynamics often put that old saying at a big loss. The fact is - book buyers generally judge a book by its cover. An interesting book works as hard as a 10-second commercial spot for your book. In fact, book market stats reveal that an average person browsing the store will not devote more than 3-5 seconds to your book cover.

  • Nine on Nine is a collection of short stories, most of them inspired from real life written by Nandita C Puri, wife of the famous actor Om Puri. It’s an amazing book with an array of characters that have been portrayed very well throughout each and every story of the book. The underlining factor of this book is ‘Women.’ All these nine stories are of women who inspired the author. It starts off with ‘Arranged Marriage.’ A story about Rekha, who’s married to Shiva, a ‘love marriage.’ It’s about her family and how they have opposed her of her love marriage and supporting her brother who by the way is okay with an arranged marriage and is pampered like a 4 year old. The climax of the story is something that makes it more interesting.

  • I’d definitely agree to ‘Truth is stranger than fiction’ after reading some of the stories in this book. My favorite story in this book is ‘ At Jenny’s.’ A beautiful episode about higher middle class females who are frequent goers at Jenny’s beauty parlor. It’s the ending of this story that makes it really interesting, for all this while you know what the climax is going to be like. However the most interesting part is the subtle way it finishes and surprises you, much against your expectations.

  • All in all I’d say an interesting read, especially for all the women. I know for a fact that you’d relate to the stories in this book. Beautifully written, overall a nice feel to the book and most importantly a lot of stories touch your heart and inspire you. Must say Indian fiction definitely has another talented author to its repertoire. Way to go Nandita!


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