February 03, 2010

What is the truth after all?

  • She is not real, she is so surreal

  • Without my dreams I can't think of anything,

  • That I believe in this world is so unreal,

  • Without a true sense of world a dream is untold

  • One has gone towards the unholiness of the mind,

  • One has beleieved that she has gripped all of a kind.

  • I can't be wrong if the world is in a dream of it's own,

  • That it can't see the myth of the past is yet unknown.

  • Who beleives that she will come to rescue us today?

  • Beauty is not to be beleived, in words I can't say.

  • The touch she has is the best in the world,

  • I feel there are no dreams that are untold.

  • She is sweet and adorable. She is a beautiful angel who decided to come by my life and give me some solace that I longed forever and sometimes I don’t know where I need to go, yet she knows what I want to say and how I want to express myself. Her every little smile tells me a lot about her belief in every little word that I have to express. She has a beautiful smile, a smile that she knows is deadly yet she knows that I long for her thoughts and dreams that I want to share with her. I don’t believe in something that is untrue and something that is not possible, for I know that the connection we have is much pure and above all the rest. I know she believes in something that is true to both of us. I know we both have a lot in common, yet we don’t want to go to an extent where we start realizing almost everything about ourselves and then lose all the charm of our bond, a bond that I believe is made for a reason.

  • Certainly, I know that there is a reason why we have this connection and why we have a certain charm that flows between the both of us. I just don’t understand why life is designed in such a way where all this existence has to be written down in a certain manner where one would clearly understand why this exists and a belief that everyone would want to accept in their own little ways. I don’t realise a bit of this. Why does this happen anyways? Why in such a stage of life where you think you know a little about yourselves, however it feels so difficult to express that knowledge in a way where we believe that this is meant to be, yet it doesn’t happen. Why? Why?

  • I know why, for it doesn’t matter what the whole belief and feeling comes by, all that matters is the truth. A truth that changes the entire feeling and entire story. Yet, the most important thing is that she is with me and I feel comfortable with her, most importantly, we know each other so well and we are the best of friends.

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