February 03, 2010

Free Writing 1 - Shoe

  • Silver is what I always loved. Somewhere at the back of my mind I imagined if the craving for the colour would be as much as it’s worthier counterpart, ‘Gold.’ Whoever decided to make gold more valuable than silver must have never understood what this colour stood for. But who cares. I have this silver shoe kept on a chair and I'm still wondering where my 'princess' is? The beauty that I had ever dreamt of as my beautiful partner, my soul. She's out there somewhere. She's lost her shoe but I really want to find out where she's gone?

  • The shine this shoe sheds on my face is something that makes me wonder if that's what Im looking for in my dull and otherwise gloomy life. I ponder across the hall and dream of the beautiful things that have taken place in this life of mine. Does this shoe and the search depict my journey to find my Cinderella? Will it be a triumphant one or would she just be lost in the lonliness of her own...

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