February 06, 2010

A conversation indeed!

  • It had been a while we had met,

  • Talked about love, life and goals we had set.

  • For ourselves we had no dreams in particular,

  • Yet we had a belief which we shared together.

  • With that belief we decided to go with the flow,

  • Make the most of our conversation before we go.

  • Yes, to each other we had a lot more to say,

  • Cause of destiny we met, and in a very strange way.

  • We hadn’t met in quite a long while and it had been certainly a long time since we actually allowed ourselves to flow into the reality that we had built for ourselves. We have had a strong belief in our own expression of thoughts and somewhat felt a strong connection to begin with. It’s as though we were made for each other and could talk on for eternity and over again. How can I forget the way we met each other. It was surreal, surreal but true. Now when I look back at how we met and where we are at I feel a certain sense of disbelief as to why it all happened in the first place. Life is so unpredictable and life is so strange in it’s own ways. It keeps leading you to so many paths and so many new unexplored locations that you keep wondering where to go?

  • It had to be a nice time, a few starters, a couple of drinks and a conversation that we usually have not necessarily about something. That’s the best part about the conversation we have. It doesn’t need to have a meaning nor a reason but it enlightens us and yes we get to know how much more we are just like each other. That made a difference to our relationship, a belief that is impending to tell us something, a sign that we always knew in our hearts.

  • We started talking about our lives and for the first time we actually opened up to each other and felt great to be listened to. With each expression that I saw on her face it felt as though she was in tune with what I had to say and for the first time I felt uninhibited to talk about my feelings and tell her how I perceived life and how I went about my beliefs. It felt sweet to know, how I expressed my deep thoughts was actually understood by someone.

  • We always had this chemistry together and she always had told me that, but despite all that this day was certainly remarkable in all the times we have had conversations because of the fact we were able to actually relate to what each other was saying without the fear of being judged nor being misunderstood. How I wish life was this clear. So many times there are misconstrued communications and beliefs that are completely incorrect and relationships begin to get into the humdrum of certain same beliefs. So many times expectations are more when there are names to relationships, so many times assumptions disturb a portrayal of a relationship in particular and that is why we want to make everything like this society has for us. The society tells us to be true, tells us to be right and probably tells us to do what they want or they perceive as truth. How difficult it is for everyone to understand that?

  • It may not be truth or for that matter mean anything to anybody, yet it has to be told. It needs to be heard by everybody, but not really important as long as it meets the norms of the society. The world is a place for us to wear these masks and clothes that they want us to and in fact everyone is more than happy to do so, with a different penchant for keeping it that way.

  • How I wish someone understood these feelings and truly it was a day to remember for she did understand what I said that day and we let ourselves flow into the reality that we had built for ourselves. Thanks a lot for making my belief in our relationship strong and hope life has more for us.

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