February 06, 2010

Always in my heart

  • I’ve been through this feeling before,

  • Why do I think it’s not difficult anymore?

  • I know what you’ve given me so far,

  • Is something special yet bizarre.

  • I know you think I’m crazy,

  • Crazy for you my baby.

  • Never thought I’d be like this one day,

  • In your heart I’m here to stay.

  • Deep in my heart I thought of this,

  • When you touch me I feel the bliss.

  • Now I know that the world is mine,

  • With you on my side & I’m on cloud number nine.

  • Once I’m with you I lose all my fear,

  • When I see you smile, you make me cheer.

  • I feel so good in your company,

  • You make my day bright and sunny.

  • The more I think, the more I feel you,

  • Together I know, we’ll make it through.

  • This has been quite a start I know,

  • You’ll be in my heart wherever I go.

  • You, the best babe, I adore you!

© Copyright 2008 Srini. All rights reserved


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