February 03, 2010

Free Writing 3 - Character Description

  • As I walk past the door, I look at her before I realize what I saw I take a peek at her one more time. A tiny glance and I could not believe what I saw. She was there onstage in a blue chiffon saree draped in the most adorable way; I could hear her walk as her beautiful feet with red nail paint clinked with the sound of payal. She looks stunning with her long hair let loose and decorated with the gajra with a fragrance that enchants my sensations to a wild trip to paradise. Her eyes are brown with a tinge of black as she looks at the sunset across the window. She has beautiful eyelashes, which curve nicely and make her eyes look amazingly vibrant. One of the most amazing features she has is her beautiful lips that tell so many stories and one could just be lost in them forever.

  • Her lips need no gloss or any cosmetics for they are so beautiful that you would lose yourself in wilderness watching them sway as she sings to the beautiful melody of the Veena that she plays in the room. While she strums the strings, there is music to our ears not only through the beautiful instrument but also through the clink of the chunk of bangles that she is wearing. A beautiful gold necklace with an Iranian design bought by her uncle from Persia stunningly compliments her innocent smile that shines across the entire room as all of us hear her sing. As I watch her, I fall deeper into her eyes and I look at her nicely tanned skin which makes her look so smooth that I keep falling deeper into a dream, one that takes me to a different world altogether. Her long earrings seen while she nods her head to the sur Taal and make them dance to the rhythm of the tablaa playing in the background. They add to her look and take you back to the pristine palaces of the great Maharajas where apsaras and nritkis used to royally enchant the courtrooms of our monarchs. When I took a glance, her aura was so staggeringly bright that I just got lost in the immense beauty, felt like it was nothing but a dream…

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