January 02, 2012

Social Samosa - #NewTwitter (Will it Let You Fly?)

Twitter changed again... But hey, wait, didn't twitter only recently change? With the @handlename & Activity thing.

Well it has changed again so welcome to #newtwitter If you haven't already seen this video, then this is something you'd love to see. The first impression I got, when I looked at the video... Is twitter going the Apple way? You gotta have a look at the video and you'd be able to make a comment on that. I'm sure by the time I've written this post, most of you must have already seen the video. If not, then I'd suggest you do and tell me what you think?

Besides the very sleek and polished video one of the things that came across strongly on the page were these words.

“Yours to Discover”

A faster, simpler way to stay close to everything you care about.

We all are now used to dynamic changes in various Social Networking sites, be it Facebook, Google, YouTube (Recently they came up with a new interface too) and now twitter. But these words certainly seemed like a promise and the video certainly gave you that feeling. If nothing else, you'll really like the video :)

The real question that went through my mind was... 'How is the actual interface?' Does it really deliver what it promises? Will it evolve / change soon enough? I didn't immediately get the web interface, so I tried it first on my Android phone, which was readily available.

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