January 28, 2010

What's in a dream?

  • A dream is like a future unknown.

  • You believe in a destiny that's to be made,

  • Without imagination, you are free to see,

  • To embark in the pleasures of an emperor's throne

  • Alive I'am today, cause tomorrow's unknown.

  • Think of what you want from your heart,

  • Without any dread, feel free to see,

  • In this heart you know, that you are not alone.

When I think of a dream I realize that many times I feel a touch, a touch of my soul leaving my body, like those meandering thoughts. Flying high in the sky, thinking of what my subconscious mind has been hiding all this while. I feel that imagination is just an expression of a belief. A belief which cannot survive without my subconscious mind. A dream is my reality. A reality that sometimes, I hide from my subconscious mind. Without this reality, my self belief cannot survive. It's like someone hiding the truth. Truth itself is an illusion. A dream makes that illusion seem reality. Gives you a shining light, sheds off the darkness that you always carried. Along with your perceptions, fears and your imaginations, all the darkness that has been blinding you all this while is exposed, exposed to a white shimmering ray of light, this they call hope. Here's the ironic part though: A dream occurs to you when you close your eyes or when you are asleep. When there is darkness all around. Think about it!

© Copyright 2006 Srini. All rights reserved.

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