January 28, 2010


  • I ignore the darkness but I fall in the pit again

  • I push away the evil but I feel the pain again

  • I hope angels come to rescue me today

  • But I know the devil's waiting for me again

  • I wish I could fly away, fly through this dark sky

  • I dream of a world so beautiful up so high

  • I think of a paradise beyond this earth so dry

  • But this fear pushes me to death, when I say good bye

Fear they say exists in our heart. In our heart in our soul, fear is not just an element of our imagination. Fear is an image, an image that sends our mind into tranquility. Conquering our heart and soul, this four letter word grips us through any level of our sound thinking. Fear causes dreams to be shattered, fear causes hope to be destroyed. Fear makes you lose your belief, a belief that has a potential to take us across the boundaries of our imagination. Fear acts as an element that negates all other feelings. It is this fear that has given us a perception of what not to think of. It is this fear that has given us the darkness beyond any dreams. A darkness that has no boundaries no limits. A darkness that makes us think of what lies within our hearts. What hopes we never realized. This fear they say is a wrap of cold, cold feelings, cold dreams, without realizing what captivates us and what the future holds for us. This is the beginning of an era. An era of FEAR, where no one knows who is upto what. No one cares for what is going to happen. All they are enthralled by is FEAR. Fear has the power and power is fear. Who can fight this darkness? Who can split through this unholieness? Who can imagine of doing what others have not been able to...

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