January 29, 2010


I'm not the only one... I'm just sitting right across the river. Thinking about those times. Times that are already gone. Times when I never had to think, times when I never had to feel a thing. I just want to be the only one. Sometimes I keep wondering where did the time go... Where did it all disappear. Someone told me that in the end it will all be back again. There won't be anyone with you, to live the life that you always wanted to. The tables are turned. The game's over. You start pushing away everything you see. You start dreaming of a world to be. One thing's still there, it's your lonlieness and it's mean't to be. Feel it with your heart, and you'll know. What your brains could have imagined several years ago. Come to think of it... You never want to go, you never want to go...

© Copyright 2006 Srini. All rights reserved

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