January 28, 2010


The minute you wake up you see darkness. Darkness flowing across your head. Your mind is completely blown out and you seem to run towards a desperate flow of energy. "He is one, who does not see any hope in any despair. He is one, who does not see light inside the cave of darkness." You start wondering if there is any dream that can be as bad as this, if there is any nightmare that feels so good like this. Forget the past and come unto the rising. Belive in tomorrow but release your present. Imagine a darkness without an unleashed string of a point of no return. Think of all the time without any space. A space in darkness without any purpose, a meaning of the message without a dream and without a realization of the future... Just release your fear and break the myth... One is without any understanding of what the future holds for the entire universe...

© Copyright 2006 Srini. All rights reserved.

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