February 09, 2012

Social Samosa - Kamaal R Khan's twitter account hacked

Some ‘breaking news’ for all of you, well, if you really want to put it that way ;) We have seen and heard about celebrity accounts being hacked and revived before. But this one, is certainly something else. A lot of people who follow or know what Kamaal R Khan is remotely like on twitter, is likely to agree.

Two twitter users @AnonAbagnale and @nikunjbhuwalka hacked KRK’s twitter account today. You must be wondering why? Why all of a sudden this incident? Here are their reasons:

Reason 1: Apparently KRK spoke ill of @nikunjbhuwalka parents.

Reason 2: They disapproved of his tweets as they were derogatory, especially towards women.

Now, in the past, there have been a lot of incidents where twitter users have claimed, especially girls and women where Kamaal R Khan has sent them derogatory, lewd Direct Messages. There have been times where he has gone on a blocking spree and tweeting about it overnight. That’s not something new many of us know.

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