December 06, 2010

DUB FX gig @ Blue Frog Mumbai

So before I go ahead and blog about this super amazing gig that happened at Blue Frog on Tuesday night at Blue Frog, I need to give you a taste of what DUB FX is all about? Check out this video of his Courtesey the Dewarists (Dewars)

Well yea, you can go ahead and Wiki him up too. But truly what he's all about I got to know from this blog that I stumbled upon

Before I went there, I hadn't heard DUB FX, and didn't know much about his music. Frankly, I just knew he's an Australian BeatBoxer. But when I went to Blue Frog, they were showing this video and I really struck a chord with his one statement.

"Don't do something, someone else thinks. Stick to your beliefs, never try something someone else thinks, it's fake and people will see through it." I totally agree with that, not just in music but whatever you do in life.

So there he was, with his gig, started off with a really racy number grooving to it...everyone really caught up with music at that instant. Next Up he got on to the stage, his fiance The Flower Fairy... She was really amazing too, especially the way she emoted her music and expressed herself with great emotions. That was like a really good couple doing great music out there. The entire house was shaking and dancing to their moves, raising their hands and really sticking to the rhythm and the beat.

Well, you thought that's what the gig is all about?? No wait... there was some great fusion... coming your way. Sabir Khan with his Sarangi turned his magic on and Rhys with the saxophone blew our minds! They even played, beatboxed and saxophoned the famous track I always loved from the movie 'The GhostBusters' We had everyone shouting, who you're gonna call "Ghostbusters' :)

All in all it was truly an experience to remember..


Rhys said...

Srini, Thats great to know that you thoroughly enjoyed yourself at Blue Frog the night Dubfx gigged. I agree it was an amazing experience... Though, i do have one thing i'd like to say you; Along with Dubfx, his fiance and the sarangi maestro, There was a saxophonist and not a trumpeter. I know, I also play the saxophone! I hope you acknowledge my point and correct the same :)
Cheers and keep listening to the music!

srinistuff said...

Damn dude... I'm so sorry... Don't know what I was thinking.. Correction made... :) Sorry about it bro... P.S Your music is amazing.... Are you on FB or Twitter!!! I'd connect with you....