November 19, 2010

#IntelAppBuzz in Bangalore - 8th November 2010


It was an exclusive tweetup. A tweetup that we had been waiting for, for quite a while now. Yes, Intel Software Network had organized for this TweetUp right after Diwali. I had been to Bangalore to celebrate Diwali with my relatives, my cousin and my friends. At the same time I got an opportunity to be part of this amazing Tweetup that was organized.

Scott Apeland, director developer network, Intel,  was going to come down to Bangalore for this tweetup. Especially to meet all the Bangalore bloggers and tech tweeps. So it was a session that we all were really excited about. This was a session that we didn't want to miss. I'm sure most of the bloggers out there agree with me on that one. What say folks? Well anyways, the whole #IntelAppBuzz was going to feature the Intel AppUp center and MeeGo.

Yes there certainly has been a lot of excitement about MeeGo in the past few months and of course the Intel AppUp center bloggers were certainly excited to know more, especially if it came from the horse's mouth.

What followed later that evening was certainly a great session, a casual tweetup as was expected and certainly a wonderful Q&A session with Scott and Narendra Bhandari, who was the Asia Pacific Head for Intel.

What we all bloggers learnt was... Intel AppUp center has about 1500 Apps already with over 25% of the apps being developed by Indian developers. Secondly, it has tied up with Croma and BestBuy to deliver their apps directly to consumers. Croma for Indian users and the latter for U.S.A consumers. Developers have a great opportunity to develop their apps on Windows as well as Mobilin SDKs. MeeGo SDK has just been recently released.

But one of the most exciting part for developers is the fact that they have great avenues to develop their apps. With .NET, C, C++ and Adobe AIR at their disposal. Also JAVA SDKs we were told would be available soon. Besides that for the developers they can fix their own price and they will be working with Intel at a 70:30 Profit sharing revenue model. Also they can not just sell apps but also components. What more could you ask for as  a developer? :)

As far as the consumers are concerned it's a good thing to go for the Intel Appup center as it offers you to download their apps for various form factors and really great apps not just for your netbooks , laptops but also for your handsets and other devices.

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Sriram Gullapalli said...


Nice to know about the event and I guess you acquired a good knowledge.
If any similar kind of events (Tech meet ups/ tweet ups) happening at Pune, please do let me know at my twitter profile - @meetshriram