October 23, 2010

Love, Life, Philosophy, etc...

So one of the most interesting things that happen to you in life... You realize you are not the only one of your own kind. You start feeling that the world is something that is designed for a beautiful collection of spirits, souls who are enchanted by the beauty of it's own reach. Sometimes when you think about certain things, you keep wondering... Oh my god, "I was the one who thought about this thing..."

You think, "Oh man, how similar my thoughts are... to that person..." You keep wondering as the conversation keeps on progressing. You imagine why... why didn't I meet this person before. What was he/she doing all her life? Where was he/she? One of the most important things that we have never discovered, nor tried to analyze... It's a simple fact, a fact that if explained properly..will make you wonder... How did this not occur to me? How can this ever happen?

So many times, once an incident has happend, you keep telling yourself.. How lucky you have been to have achieved something, met someone, fallen in love with someone or got married to somebody. Some people believe in destiny, fate, GOD or for that matter simple occurrences called coincidence. Well, the truth to the matter is it's a simple fundamental of 'Six Degrees of Seperation' , " Korean Red Circle Philosophy"

You might be wondering what I'm talking about, you might be thinking to yourself, I'm either drunk or half mad... Well, maybe not.. You might even be relating to many aspects of this. Unlike, what happens in Bollywood, movies or for that matter in your romantic novels and college love stories.. these are facts.. Truth that you cannot ignore.

Some has to probably do with Murphy's law... and in this context, reverse Murphy's law. Basically in Murphy's law, "Everything that has to go wrong, will go wrong!" How many times, have you thought of carrying an umbrella because it will rain and left it, cause you think it won't be needed. And that is when it rains. How many times do you take a shorter queue realizing the longer queue will take longer to finish? And end up waiting in the shorter queue, while the other queue finishes first...

It's the same fundamental, only in this case, whatever has to go right, goes right and as said by Ralph Waldo Emerson,  "Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen."

That's what is this life all about... Ultimately no matter what, if you are destined to meet, you will end up meeting at those points as stated by the ' Korean Red Circle Philosophy" The most amazing part is that you end up looking at a reflection of yourself and realize that you were meant to be. You start connecting dots and realize... this was destined to happen. Has that happened to you? I'm sure it has... Right?

Imagine so many things falling in place especially after you have connected the dots and analyzed that this was all part of a conspiracy, a great huge conspiracy with various connections ingrained... a conspiracy by the universe!!! I believe in these concepts. I'm not sure why. Probably because of so much that has happened to me in life... But truth be told, more important is us, realizing small facts, to connect those dots and learn. Be it, love, life, death or anything... It's all a simple philosophy at the end of the day...

"Life is what you get in return for your belief...  A belief that you exist because you are meant to be..." What say?


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HK said...

I believe that was beautifully described, for what I felt. I would say you are the master of words.