October 01, 2010

#TedxPune - 10.10.10 - Inspire Better Cities

Idea no 1 - Sixth Sense by Pranav Mistry

"Check out this great concept and idea that was a brilliant project way back in 2000 and now is a great achievement."

Today I got a call from the curator of #TedxPune. aka @Abhisurya  I'm glad that I've got an invite for #TedxPune to happen on 10th October 2010. 10.10.10 ! What a landmark date for an event of such great proportions. Well, there, I was certainly hoping to get in and make sure that I am part of inspiring better cities. So here I got my opportunity. Great isn't it? So what am I going to do about it? There are these simple theories where one random act of kindness make a lot of difference. ARK as popularly known in the movie Evan Almighty. A lot of people might know what TED stands for (Technology Entertainment & Design)but how many of us know the true meaning to what it really stands for? I ask this question myself. So yes you'll go ahead and Google it up, Wiki it for all you know... but no where will you find the answer that you are looking for. Many people ask me what do you keep tweeting about, what is #TedxPune?

I have only one simple answer for all of them. No I'm not going to give them a lecture and a brief on what Ted is cos they can google n wiki it up, but what #TedxPune is all about is bringing about a change, a change to inspire better citizenship. Be it in any vertical you think is important for you to drive it. Not just about Technology, Entertainment and Design, but also about the daily lives that we live. #TedxPune is about driving that opportunity where people share ideas, ideas worth sharing... Something that will bring this country together and develop and inspire great minds to think out of the box,

So here is what I'm going to do for the next ten days!!! I'm going to upload and share with you 10 different ideas from TED, they maybe in form of videos, articles, art form and something that will help you inspire better thinking and probably start contributing in your own way. So today's is one of my personal favorite. By now you might have seen the video, and it might have amazed you to the core. What do you think about this great acheivements? Do let me know your comments!


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