August 10, 2014

Copywriting is like making love!

Yep, you heard it right! Writing copy is like making love. The attraction that you have towards you brand is something that sets the tone to making the first move. Sometimes a little bit of persuasion is a lot about seduction and little about enticing your mind to come up with an idea that you hope to be a great work of art. 

Copywriting is not just about writing great words which flow smoothly and vociferously elicit your consumer to buy your product or have a top of the mind recall when they go out next time to purchase something in the market. You get the point...

It is about an idea that is well executed and not merely in words or concept. I always like to say great advertising is always about amazing story telling! And when you do that, it's nothing less than feeling the rush and excitement that stays on for a long time...

It's about your audience being provoked, maybe a grin on their face and an introspective thought of the sorts that'll say something like, "Hey, that's clever! Wow, this seems really interesting!" Or that chuckle and a bit of a laugh which allows them to indulge in the humorous moment that you intended them to be in.  

Some examples of what making love feels like. Courtesy: BestCopyAds,  BrilliantAds & Madovermarketing 

Photo: Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it isn't there.

Photo: Eskom: Use Electricity Wisely

Look what happens when you cut down too many trees

When it simply needs to be there, yesterday" DHL Express ad

Ariel: Bright White Ad

And one of my most favorite recent Print AD by Durex for their 'Dotted' Condoms

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