October 03, 2010

Idea no 3 - 10 Young Indian Artists to watch.

This time I decided to pick something to do with Entertainment and design. Indeed, this is certainly one of the best ten picks by Ravin Agarwal. By now, since you've watched these videos, you might find this certainly interesting where one of the most inspiring things about these is how simple things can form great ideas. Ideas certainly don't need to be great by themselves. It's persistence of the Ideator and certainly the passion and dedication. These are certainly small concepts but beauty of the art and the design is how well and meticoulosly taken out time to create these ideas in whatever form or shape that they would want to.

See it's not just about the art or the metaphor that goes along, but also about the interesting inspiration behind each of these ideas. Sometimes when you think, you ask yourself, why didn't I think of this? Don't you??


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