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September 06, 2010

One for Childhood of India...

This one is dedicated to Childhood of India on Facebook!

Where have those days gone? When life was so simple. When Sundays were so exciting and we used to enjoy watching cartoons in the morning on DD1. Where have those days gone when we used to dump the school bag as soon as we come home and remove our ties and go out playing cricket in your school uniform? Where have those days gone when Friday evenings felt like a mini vacation about to come... Those days when we used to hang out on the terrace and play board games till it was dark... Where have those days gone when hide n seek, lagori, double spice, (dabbaispice), sonsakhli and slow cycling was what your weekend was all about.Where have those days gone when Ganesh chaturthi mean't staying up all night, hanging out with friends, playing cards while we stayed awake and practice for various performances we put together during the society's annual function during Ganesh Utsav. Where have those days gone when, DD2 was all about Funtime during the vacations. The Giant Robot, Shazam, Laurel & Hardy, Dennis the Menace and lots more...

Where have those days gone when we were happy and content watching Jungle Book, Duck Tales & Tales Pin on Sunday mornings and not to worry about what's on TV??? Those days when getting cable TV was a luxury for people. Where have those days gone when we used to rent video games in the vacation and play Super Mario for hours... fight amongst each other on how long each one of us gets to play the game. Where have those days gone when we used to buy Big Babool chewing gum for the comic strip that used to be free along with it... Where have those days gone when we used to borrow money from our uncle to eat pepsicola packed in plastic pouches that were worth 25 paise, 50 paise and 1 Rupee. Where are those days when we used to play chor police especially during Diwali, shooting using the guns to burst firecrackers. Where have those days gone when watching WWF was one of the best things and playing the Trump game with the cards of those wrestlers even better.

If I could talk about the things that I miss from my childhood, this post would just go on and on... I'm sure there are so many things I've missed out on. Where do you think these days have gone?? When we look at today's kids.. what do you think has replaced those days?? Think... Think....

What are the things that you guys miss??

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