June 05, 2010

Art of Chilling Sunday!!! Here I Come....

Sunday afternoon! Sweltering Heat! Humid Atmosphere? NO Freakinnnn Way! With Art of Chilling on your side... you got nothing to worry about. I'm going to go to the Foster's Art of Chilling party! Yay! Juhu, Sea Princess here I come!!!. I've heard a lot about them and seen a lotta ADs on TV. It's time for me to check it out in person! I''m hoping it's as chilled out as it looks like on TV :-)  Sit back, relax and unwind listening to the soothing music, gorging on Yummy Barbeque, maybe a dip in the pool. This is certainly my way of relaxing on a Sunday especially after a long long week that went by.  Truly they know what the art of chilling is all about. I dug out a few snaps courtesy the  Foster's Blog to find out about AOC as they call it and boy would you not want to Chill out in style like this?


At the end of the party... I'm sure I'm going to be as chilled out as these images suggest!!! Brrrr... Freezingg... Chilling out is the best thing to do eh???

What would your way of Art of Chilling be???


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