July 31, 2013

Social Archives and Digital Legacy - Data Miners' feast!

"We are not just viewers of incidents in our timeline... But witnesses to a past that shall be etched among the archives of our digital history." 

Some day we'll realize how those words make more sense than ever. Today we are certainly in an age where every piece of content that we view/share/read/write and create within our social and digital networks we tend to forget the overarching theme of how this will shape the future of Internet consumption and how constantly our lives are going to be driven by the legacy that we leave behind. 

Every day and every moment we thrive in this world that is as digital as it gets, we are striving hard to communicate and contact to a world that is built in this realm so open and so evidently 'out there' Privacy is a word beyond a realm without any real strings attached and most important element in today's consumption of information is the fact that curating has become a key component more than anything else. 

Digital footprints make more easy to find and track rather than actually trying to profile someone in a hypothetical analysis. While a very good thing for marketers who are keeping a close eye on their subjects and building their products and brands to touch the right pulse, it's all the more creepier for people who are subjected to targeted consumerism via digital media. 

We all have not just become a part of a timeline that we can view in retrospect, but also witnesses to a past that will always be with us and in the Internet archives so as to give leverage to not just ourselves but to a lot of data miners out there. 

The day isn't far away that every transaction carried across the web has critical importance and every transaction giving priceless information about target consumers and behavior profiles would transform into some sort of currency. Heck, even Bit-coin mining would probably provide opportunities to share,sell personal data which is no less than the golden eggs that this digital chicken (Read:Consumer) lays for marketers. What say?

Image Source: Social Business News
Srinivas has been a communications professional for over 15 years. He has worked with and built India's largest digital agencies from the ground up and been part of their acquistion journey. Social Wavelegnth (now Mirum, part of the WPP group) and Kinnect, now part of the Interpublic Group (IPG). He's also been a public speaker, keynote speaker at various large panels/events of the likes of BBC Knowledge Summit, Blockchain Summit Bangalore. And has been a guest lecturer at IIM, Symbiosis, Indian Institute of Digital Education.
He has been blogging since 2005. And also been author at various publications, that include Startup India by ZDNet, Social Samosa, Lighthouse Insights.  His passion for Writing, Advertising, Creativity, Digital, Blockchain and Future Tech is what drives him each day.

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