January 15, 2013

Are YOU the 'Ideal' Social Consumer?

You buy products on the internet, You buy products offline... Either ways You talk about it a lot. You talk about Your purchases especially if You know that the product / company is out there in one of the social web platforms. You like that Your voice is being heard as a consumer. And being that consumer who can ask for something more than mediocre or average excites You. That's because, You have this channel or for that matter other channels to go to. You like the fact that unlike earlier days, You now Matter more to the product / company! Now, You have a VOICE!

A lot of times You complain, You crib, You also could go to the extent of threatening the brand asking "If, the brand really knows Your potential reach out there?" (On Social Web Forums) 

Now, let me ask You this...

How many times do You really appreciate the service proactively if you get one of the best services. Or for that matter if someone does their job and gets Your job done in the expected time. So what if that's 'just' their job... They are doing it for You. 

From another angle, being a marketer myself, I'd love it if my work gets appreciated! (On Social Web Forums)

So yes, I think it's time for You start doing that... :)

P.S 'You = ME' What about you??

Srinivas has been a communications professional for over 10 years, and has been blogging since 2005. He has worked with the likes of Social Wavelength, now Mirum India, (A JWT Group Company) for four years and now Heads Learning and Development & Analytics at Social Kinnect: A Digital Marketing Agency in Mumbai. His passion for Advertising, Creativity, Social & Digital Marketing helps make a difference for the brands they work with.  

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