April 04, 2010


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It’s amazing how life is… Funny, ironic, strange, beautiful, sad, happy, painful, joyful. There are so many different shades to this wonderful creation of God and gift to mankind. Life has always been the most haphazardly painted picture created by God and yet in its own way it looks so brilliant. It’s just this abstract that one fine day He decided to create and give these shades in its most awestruck way. It was like one day he decided to make this painting for him to cherish for centuries to come and yet there were so many different ways of looking at this painting each and every day. Every single day the shades of life kept changing. The shades that already were to life kept on adding and making the painting even more beautiful. Sometimes I wonder what the inspiration behind this painting was.

So many of us artists look for different reasons, different seasons and different kinds of inspiration to create our art. I wonder what God’s inspiration was, when he decided to create this amazing masterpiece called ‘Life.’ Every one gets inspired with the most miniscule things in life. Everybody looks at different angles of life in itself to get inspired. Little joys, people, things, incidents… These are the things that we human beings get inspired by in life. So I wonder what kind of an inspiration it might have taken for this inspirational phenomenon called Life… to come into existence.

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