July 02, 2012

Social Samosa - Facebook launches ‘Find Friends Nearby’ for Mobile

While I was talking a lot about new features being launched by Facebook for mobile, this option certainly takes the cake! Till now we’ve seen this as part of Google’s Latitude option. Imagine something like that being clubbed with one of the biggest Social Networks of the world. This was something that was certainly needed and is going to be something that people will find it useful, unless of course, you are skeptical about location and geotagging your location. Especially when you want to avoid some of your ‘friends’ !

Now we all know about apps like Foursquare and Facebook Places itself telling you locations of Friends nearby, but this feature will take this a notch up. Facebook’s Find Friends Nearby will help you find people in your vicinity, directly on your Facebook mobile app. And of course it’ll be handy when you go to meetups / tweetups etc. That is if your friends have also on turned this feature on.

You can access this new feature called “Friendshake” through this URL An abbreviation of “find friends nearby”

As I’ve been observing through my previous articles on facebook, certainly another step in Facebook furthering its reach into mobile providing more services to people to connect! As is Mark Zuckerberg’s vision through Facebook, when he started off!

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