June 08, 2012

Social Samosa - New Foursquare Design Here

Finally the long wait is over. The new foursquare design is here. All this while, we’ve been hearing the buzz especially from Foursquare who has been talking to us through their social networking platforms about the New Foursquare to be launched, and many of us have been waiting for it in anticipation. The wait is over. Yesterday evening, Foursquare rolled out it’s update.

Now checking in virtually to places has become spicier. A lot more than what it was before. Besides the look and feel, some of it’s features that it rolled out makes it more social as opposed to what it was earlier. Not only does the new look seems great design wise, but also encourages people to interact more on each other’s check in’s especially with the photographs being accompanied with their checkins. The layout and dimensions of the photos that you can upload now, gives the whole foursquare timeline an Instagram like feel, assuming a lot of people would add more photos to their checkins. But that’s not all that is there to the New Foursquare!

Profile Page

The profile page design looks neat, it features user’s pther social network urls, photo, short bio, the friends he/she has, the badges he has explored, tips he/she has left and the lists that he/she has subscribed to. All this makes profile viewing a value creating activity. Love the look and feel and the intuitiveness of it all.

Home Screen

The home screen layout itself is more appealing, even with or without photos being put up by the users, it kind of makes you want to interact with them especially with the comment and ‘heart’ sign screaming there in front of you… Again, something that is borrowed from Instagram. The experience of interactivity increases, be it with people whom you may personally know or just have been acquainted on via other social networks (read: twittter.) Certainly encourages the users to stick around for a lot longer than before.

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Featured Image: Courtesy: nan palmero

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