February 27, 2012

Social Samosa - Exploring Blogger Outreach Campaigns

Today, brand managers are looking at integrated marketing campaigns for their brands and leveraging the power of the blogging community. Increasingly, brands are exploring more intense associations which go beyond the usual Facebook and Twitter. Blogging contests have become an essential tool for brands to grab consumer attention and to drive home the core branding message.

Let’s look at three such blogger outreach campaigns :

The contest revolves around writing a blog post on ‘interesting people you’ve met when you’ve traveled’ to various places. This is an innovative consumer engagement activity by Expedia. The campaign delivers the core message of the brand, it connects travelers across the world. Through the contest, they are inviting bloggers to write about their experiences with fellow travelers or people who they meet while travelling and what connected them.

Kissan’s 100% real blogger!

The contest invites bloggers to write about a ‘real’ experience that they had while growing up or while bringing up their kids. This is a part of Kissan’s ‘Welcome to Kissanpur’ campaign. Through this contest, the brand is trying to drive home the message of going back to the roots, closer to the nature, away from the artificiality that surrounds today’s generation...

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