June 08, 2010

Now I truly know what Art of Chilling means...


WoW!! What a truly chilled out Party it was... Indeed, I reached there at about 1:00 PM and could listen to the awesome music playing and the view was so #OMG. Amazing beach, seafacing hotel, poolside barbeque, lotsa people chilling out in style while mingling amongst each other. It was some party! As soon as we stepped in it was time for beer to flow!!! Indeed, beer barbeque and babes. That was truly the Foster's Art of Chilling. The DJ was playing some nice house music to chill us out. It was sunny and hot of course... but guess what, GODs wanted in on the Art of Chilling too. They sent down the rains at GODSPEED!!! Heavy and the pool was already overflowing... Abundance of chill and yet, it didn't dampen anyone's spirit. Some took shelter in the shade while others chilled out, playing pool volleyball. What I really enjoyed was of course the chill out ambience, the music and the beer of course... Truly made me relax and unwind after a long week that went by...


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